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I'm not quite in the mood for themes. As I wore a suit for the BL night (and subsequent hiding in the staffroom or the bar), I shall be doing the same for pirates.
1000. Pursue dream
1001. Lose family's support to pursue dream

1002. Lose benefactor
1003. Find piling up bills
1004. Drop out of school, forget dream


May. 20th, 2011

I'm terribly sorry, my lovely princesses, but due to a few matters, I must refrain from taking any new appointments for the time being. I'm sure that you will find other hosts suitable, and I do promise I'll be all yours again soon enough.
Usually I enjoy receiving mail.

I don't believe I'll enjoy that pleasure for a while.
I believe I may have severed the nerve endings in my fingers. I can't feel them. And yet, as I am not the best of the Tokyo College of Music freshmen, I've got far much more to work on.

I would, however, like feeling to come back in my fingers. I've spotted the Most Despised One.
Ah, it looks like I have been thankfully spared in the costume department. However, the shirt in my locker is a bit tight.

Akutsu-kun, I'm quite looking forward to that wine. Please do save me a glass, hm?
Allow me to regale you with a tale, my friends. A tale of woe, and ultimately satisfaction.

As I awoke from a pleasant slumber, I was alerted via my mobile of a great happening. Lo, as a premium client, I was cordially invited to a private browsing of a certain Dolce&Gabbana line at a nominal cost.. And thus, I began my trek.

As I approached the boutique at the appointed hour, I was inundated by a most curious hum. This sound grew louder and louder, and it became clear that this sound was created by a throng outside the door. Alas, I was duped as the crwod grew larger and larger, all waiting with bated breath to enter into the chaos of tailored attire. I found myself drawn into the fray, battling tooth and nail among the horde in a perilous attempt to reach the men's boutique.

As I finally escaped, I realized with great relief that I, along with few brave men, had chosen to browse through the far better bargains to be found on the men's floor. And as the frenzied crowd below subsided, I made away with several rare items for which to better my wardrobe.

Interesting. (Screened to Employees)

I received an email today. It read, as follows:

Dear Oshitari Yuushi-san;

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Tokyo College of Music's Violin Performance track. Please fill out the attached forms and notify us of your decision within the week.  We look forward to seeing you at opening ceremonies in April.

So now it comes down to the biggest decision in my life.

Birthday Greetings

Birthday greetings are in order, although the person in question doesn't technically have a birthday this year:

Happy birthday, my Syuusuke. May there be many more to celebrate.
Ah, I realized that in my lengthy diatribe on overplayed classical music, I had forgotten to post my favorite song.